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Kinesiology Taping

I am so impressed with Emer! She is professional, knowledgable, and intuitive. She provided care for my 84 year old mother and showed true compassion. We are looking forward to future treatments. Just amazing!

Roisin G. 

Emer is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner. Whenever I have an appointment with Emer, I look forward to the care and healing I know I will receive. She has assisted me multiple times with back and neck pain and in addition to the treatment I received, she left me with suggestions for stretches and exercises to prevent repeat injuries. I can't recommend her enough!

Meredith D.

“Emer is an amazing practitioner! I always feel better after a session, having a greater range of motion, being more relaxed, and grounded. She has always been able to help me with my acute and chronic issues through her expert manual osteopathy and myofascial release skills. I highly recommend Emer to everyone!”

Tim G. 

Emer has a very friendly professional approach. Very impressive knowledge, you feel you are in good healing hands. After her treatment you feel young again. Thanks Emer, because of your knowledge and skills I had a lovely day working on my potters wheel without pain. Highly recommended. Emer knows how to reset and adjust the human body by gentle movements and guidance.

Ankie L

" Having broken and torn muscles and bones throughout my life, I am constantly having pains and aches all over my body. Seeing different practitioner's it always seems like they deal with 1 problem and then another pops up. With Emer, it feels like she is dealing with the WHOLE body, so each time after a session, EVERYTHING feels a little better and a little more flexible. It's been a great change from the norm and I recommend Emer to everyone who tells me they have an injury! "

Conall R

" Before every session with Emer, I am excited to feel the changes in my body. After having three babies over ten years, and being hypermobile, my body has not felt 'home' in a long while, especially after my last labour three years ago. Every time Emer works on me I feel more connected to my body than before. The shifts can be subtle or drastic!! I'm a very active person, who needs to move through yoga, dance, hiking and running daily, Emer is helping my body move properly again so I can continue doing these activities. Emer is extremely talented at what she does and very detail oriented. I highly recommend her to everyone I know."

Fiona R

"I was amazed to find out how interconnected my body is. Who knew my left knee and my lower right back could be connected in their discomfort! Very intuitive, detailed and extremely thorough understanding of the body. Emer is great."

Anton L

"IMPRESSED. Emer is very knowledgeable and really looks at the whole picture. Looking forward to a better me!"

Rhonda F

" Great teacher. I never heard of yin yoga but I like it. It's a great supplement to any exercise program! "

Ursa W

" Emer, is fantastic. Personal, professional. A wealth of knowledge. I truly enjoy how she is able to pick the perfect health program!!! I recommend Emer to everyone!! "

Melanie C

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